Surf the Net at the MEDIA@WAVE

The management and staff of the Internet Cafe,the first of it's kind in Nagoya,
are proud to provide our customers with the latest and best in computer technology
and expert assistance in a warm and relaxed setting.
We designed the Internet and to be an antidote to the sterile,intimidating
environments that people often associate with new technology.


12 computers wired at a highspeed connection through it's own server.
9 Pentiums and 3 PowerMacs are waiting for your touch.

Single User

Tow Users(1 station)

Each additional@ccc@@WSO(1/2hour)

The charge above includes one drink and explanation

Enjoy a beverage while you seuf the Net, send e-mail, participate in chat rooms, use our word processing soft ware, print your documents, play computer games. Users may print images or text on the printer, in addition, data files can be copied to floppy disks or mo-disks and taken home.